Beneficiary verification at Titilagarh Agro-Processing Cluster

The joint verification of beneficiaries for the Titilagarh agro processing cluster was successfully conducted by the Nodal Agency and MSME-DFO on July 31st and August 1st. Ms. Rojaleen Priyadarshini from IEDO – Nodal Agency and Mr. Dipak K Nayak from MSME – DFO, Raurkela, meticulously scrutinized Aadhaar information, bank account details, and addresses in the presence of the beneficiaries. Udyama, the Implementing Agency, coordinated arrangements in various villages, ensuring a seamless verification process and effortless movement of beneficiaries to the verification points. Despite interruptions from heavy rainfall in western Odisha, 350 beneficiaries were verified over the two days. To accommodate those affected by the weather, the Nodal Agency and MSME-DFO jointly agreed to reschedule the remaining verification for the upcoming week, guaranteeing all eligible beneficiaries a fair opportunity to complete the process. Post verification, officers visited maize and chili farms, actively engaging with farmers to glean valuable insights into the program’s impact on the ground and to fortify their connection with the beneficiaries. Overall, the joint verification process demonstrated resilience in overcoming weather obstacles, underscoring the unwavering commitment of all parties involved in the successful implementation of the program and their steadfast support for beneficiary welfare.

The “Titilagarh Agro-processing cluster” is proposed to be established as part of the SFURTI scheme, overseen by the MoMSME, in Titilagarh block of Balangir district, Odisha. Udyama has been entrusted with the role of Implementing Agency, while KIIT-TBI assumes the crucial position of Technical Agency. The visionary project aims to unleash the untapped potential of the region by harnessing the value of onions, chili, and maize, resulting in an array of value-added products. The heart of this transformative venture lies in the Common Facility Center (CFC), where cutting-edge techniques and expertise will be employed to manufacture high-quality goods. These products will not only cater to the local market but also extend their reach to national and even international markets. The ripple effect of this initiative promises to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the local farmers by bringing forth technological innovations and interventions that will propel their prosperity and progress.

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