Visit of Shri P Rao, JD-DIC, Govt. of Odisha to Suravi Fruit and Vegetable Processing Cluster, Dhenkanal and Mahima Bamboo Cluster, Dhenkanal Two promising Clusters of SFURTI Scheme

Suravi Fruits and Vegetables Processing Cluster, situated in Dhenkanal District, under the flagship SFURTI Scheme of MoMSME, has become a beacon of hope for local farmers, steadily achieving its core objectives of socio-economic upliftment. Guided by the expertise of KIIT-TBI as the Technical Agency and driven by the relentless efforts of SHARE as the Implementing Agency, Suravi Cluster stands as a true testimony to the remarkable potential of collaboration and innovation.

On June 27, 2023, Shri P Rao, JD-DIC, Govt. of Odisha, embarked on an insightful visit to witness the remarkable development at the cluster. Stepping into a world of innovation and growth, Mr. Liyakat Khan, the representative of the Implementing Agency (IA), shared the exciting news that the cluster had already met its civil and mechanical requirements, marking a significant milestone. The icing on the cake was the successful production of a pilot batch, signaling the cluster’s readiness to soar to new heights. The visit encapsulated the spirit of progress and promise, showcasing the tremendous potential of this thriving endeavor.

Mahima Dhenkanal Bamboo Cluster, a thriving neighboring cluster under SFURTI schemer, is also propelled forward by the invaluable guidance of KIIT-TBI as the Technical Agency, and driven by the dedicated efforts of Seva Bharati as the Implementing Agency. The presence of Mr. Kabir Lenka, the dynamic Representative of IA, added an invigorating touch to the occasion as he unveiled the latest developments within the cluster. With great enthusiasm, he revealed that the electrification work at the Mahima Dhenkanal Bamboo Cluster had already commenced and was on track for completion within a week.

Under Shri Rao’s expert guidance, both representatives were encouraged to initiate full-fledged production at the earliest opportunity. Shri Rao expressed immense satisfaction with the progress made by both clusters over time.

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