Urnati Jute Cluster commences design development intervention

Urnati Jute Cluster is a handicraft-based cluster in Puri, Odisha. With SFURTI initiative and KIIT-TBI acting as technical agency, this cluster got bulk order of Jute bags from Reserve Bank of India, Bhubaneswar.

The training was jointly conducted by Utkala Bikash Abhijana, the Implementing Agency and InkSand, the promoters of the cluster along with Ecodarshini. The trainer Ms. Priyadarshini Das, popularly known as the Green Queen of Odisha, first sensitized the participants about the issue of climate change and environmental impact caused by the fashion, textiles, and lifestyle accessory industry. Subsequently, she practically trained them how to make jute-based jewelry. The girls showed keen interest in the overall process and themselves tried their hands in manufacturing.

This is the first phase of the programme, where introduction of the tools, techniques and materials to be used in making jute-based jeweler was covered. In the subsequent phases, more detailing on the manufacturing process, finishing, packaging, and quality assurance, as well as marketing aspect will be covered.

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