Empowering artisans: Transforming the century-old Zaree works cluster in Kishanpur Gawdi, Moradabad

On the 8th of September 2023, the enchanting village of Kishanpur Gawdi, situated in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh was eagerly awaiting to welcome Sri Samarendra Sahu, Advisor KIIT TBI and Sri Debashis Tripathy, Senior Manager of SFURTI vertical of KIIT TBI. This village is the proud owner of a cluster of Zaree works, consisting of more than 1000 artisans, whose craftsmanship has been a legacy passed down through generations. Their age-old craft, often nurtured within the sanctum of their homes, stands as a poignant testament to their rich cultural heritage.

The event was organised by Sri Zareef Malik, the representative of the Implementing Agency, Chisti Sabri Vikash Samiti. More than 200 women artisans from diverse age groups and varying socio-economic backgrounds, attended the meeting, which ignited hopes of not merely preserving their time-honoured crafts but also propelling them towards greater economic self-sufficiency.

Sri Samarendra Sahu, Advisor at KIIT-TBI, and Debashis Tripathy, Senior Manager of the SFURTI vertical, addressed the gathering and shared the details of the SFURTI scheme, the flagship scheme of the Ministry of MSME. Both the guests explained the gathering how the scheme could serve as a catalyst for transforming their age-old crafts into thriving businesses.

In display of their remarkable talents, the women artisans proudly showcased an array of their artistry during the course of the meeting.. The Advisor KIIT TBI, distributed Artisan Cards issued by the Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, in recognition of their exceptional skills and craftsmanship. The gathering provided an open forum to the artisans to voice their thoughts, ideas, and concerns regarding their craft. Talented woman artisans – Mamta Pal, Uzma, Tarannum, and Shaban, opened up with their dreams to take the cluster to the next level with the help of KIIT TBI, the empanelled Technical Agency under SFURTI Scheme.

As a culmination of this transformative visit, KIIT TBI has taken the proactive step of initiating the development of a comprehensive concept proposal for upgrading the cluster under SFURTI Scheme.. This proposal will be presented to the Ministry of MSME, advocating for the establishment of a SFURTI cluster in the picturesque Kishanpur Gawdi village of Uttar Pradesh. With the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, this proposal aims to usher in a bright new chapter for these gifted Zaree works artisans, preserving their heritage while propelling them towards a prosperous and promising future.

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