Commencing Physical vetting of Machinery and Civil works- GUDARI FEEDS CLUSTER

A team of three professionals from KIIT-TBI (Technical Agency); Mr. Debashis Tripathy, Dr. Barada Prasanna Sahoo, and Mr. Manoranjan Maharana conducted an onsite inspection of civil and machine work at the Gudari feeds cluster on 5th Feb 2024.
The cluster located at Gudari village of Raygada district, Odisha was set up under the SFURTI scheme of MoMSME in the year 2021 and aims to make various animal feeds including cattle, fish, and poultry feed. The cluster aims to involve 976 beneficiaries for the project with a focus on inclusivity, aiming for a representation of 56% women, thus, creating opportunities for economic empowerment among women in rural areas.

On the site inspection day, Mr. Laxmi Narayan- representative of the Implementing Agency along with Mr. K Radha Krishna and Mr. Pedina Mohan Rao – SPV members of the cluster accompanied the TA team to provide clarification on several queries raised by the TA regarding both civil and machine works.
Following a thorough site inspection conducted by the team, it’s inferred that more than 95% of the civil work has been completed as per the NIT and work order specifications. Additionally, around 64 % of machinery in value of the work order has been delivered at the CFC site with the structural erection of seven floors has been completed. The same was also conveyed to the Nodal Agency through a virtual working committee meeting held at the CFC site, where Mr. Rajib Pathak (representative of NA) addressed the meeting and its resolutions.

The IA has committed to making the cluster functional by acquiring the remaining machinery within a month, marking an additional success in the SFURTI saga of KIIT-TBI.

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