Collaborations of Exim Bank and Handloom Weaver’s Cluster, Bargarh- Success comes with strong will power

In a proactive effort to empower the local handloom artisans in Jhiliminda village, Bargarh, KIIT-TBI established a transformative partnership with Exim Bank, with the core goal of enhancing the livelihoods of handloom artisans in the cluster region. To foster this collaboration, a virtual meeting was organized, uniting Exim Bank’s leadership with pivotal cluster stakeholders on October 10, 2023, at 11:30 am. The central aim of this gathering was to pinpoint sector-specific challenges and inefficiencies, ultimately facilitating the creation of tailored, highly effective solutions.

Earlier, to empower and enhance the socio-economic well-being of traditional handloom artisans within the framework of the SFURTI scheme, KIIT-TBI, in collaboration with ALEP (the implementing agency), developed a comprehensive concept proposal. This proposal, addressing the unique requirements of artisans in Jhiliminda region of Bargarh, garnered official approval from the Nodal Agency, PPDC, Meerut, and the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MoMSME). The projected cost for establishing a much-needed Common Facility Center in this locality stands at approximately 373 Lakhs, with a substantial 313 Lakhs allocated for the hard intervention costs. While the Government of India generously provides 90% of the project cost as a grant, there is a compelling opportunity to further enhance various facets of this envisioned cluster. This includes amplifying marketing efforts, establishing an innovative natural dyeing unit, embracing industry 4.0 advancements, and aligning with the United Nations’ sustainability development goals. To advance this visionary cluster development, a momentous meeting convened, uniting stakeholders from the SFURTI vertical, KIIT-TBI, ALEAP representatives, Sushama Karali, GM DIC-Bargarh, and Dharmendra Sachan, the General Manager of the Export Import Bank of India.”

Exim Bank’s vision centers on the global expansion of Indian businesses and the empowerment of partner nations. The institution consistently extends a helping hand to facilitate Indian trade and investment, aligning with the development priorities of partner countries while upholding financial, social, and environmental responsibility. As a profound outcome of the meeting, Exim Bank made a resolute commitment to support the Jhiliminda weavers group, with a mission to enhance their social and financial welfare. This collaboration stands as a testament to the adage, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way,’ illustrating the remarkable results achievable when determination and cooperation meet.

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