Mohanpur Millet Magic Cluster

The crux of the saying has proved to be true in case of the Mohanpur Millet Magic Cluster.

Cluster vitals

Approval from MoMSME: 2019

Cluster location: Village Morada, Dist. Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Product of focus: Millet (Finger millet)

CFC Status: Functional

Production status: Functional

Marketing and sales: Functional

No. of lives impacted: 980

“Little things make big things happen!!!”

Set up in the Morada block of Mayurbhanj district, this cluster has created milestones in not only rejuvenating a traditional agro-based cluster, but also achieving the grass root objective of socio-economic upliftment of the local farmers through providing them a sustained means of livelihood. Today, the beneficiaries enjoy a handsome amount of earning, which is as much as seven times increase over their past income.

 The cluster is pre-dominated by the tribal communities, who are mostly the forest dwellers. Millet is abundantly available in the geography; however, a streamlined approach of its forward processing in to consumable products and marketing was never a focus. Funded by the SFURTI Scheme of the MoMSME, Mohanpur Millet Magic Cluster has been able to turn this vision in to a distinctive reality.

The cluster is currently making various products of millet, which are worth appreciable and unique in their taste and texture. The product basket includes Noodles, Pasta, Papad, Cakes, Cookies, Energy Bar, Flour, Rusk, Dosa Mix, Pancake Mix etc. The products are marketed under the brand name of “Wow Mom” in modern markets and e-commerce marketplaces across the country. As a token of appreciation from the Govt. of India, the product samples have even been displayed in the Office of the MSME at New Delhi.

Mohanpur Millet Magic Cluster is the flag bearer of many SFURTI clusters in India, which truly reflects the very essence of the cluster development approach.