Binjhua Tussar and Handloom Cluster

Increasing demand for Tussar handloom products in domestic as well as International market.

Cluster vitals

Approval from MoMSME: 2020
Cluster location: Village- Bahalda, Block- Binjhua, Dist – Mayurbhanj, Odisha
Product of Focus: Dry Yarn, Wet Yarn, Ghicha, Tussar Chaddar, Shawl and Tussar Fabric
CFC Status: Functional
Production status: Functional
Marketing and sales: Functional
No. of lives impacted: 1233

Almost three decades ago, with the declaration of cocoon as a forest product, two of the major silk companies namely the Silk Trading Company and the Tussar Textile Company in Mayurbhanj announced their closure because of difficulty in obtaining raw materials. This left a huge section of tussar weavers unemployed and down-trodden. The establishment of the Binjhua Tussar Weaver Cooperative Society thereafter, provided employment to a handful of weavers but the society had to suffer the same fate as the companies because of mismanagement, obsolete technology and the traditional process of production.

In search of a proper source of income, weavers started selling their produce to the local traders and Mahajans but got exploited badly which further added to their plight. With the usage of traditional methods of weaving, the weavers suffered health hazards and hence the production efficiency reduced. Suicide cases peaked up due to rising debts and the weaving skill had almost marked its end until there emerged a game changer in the form of SFURTI scheme of the MoMSME.

The scheme came to the aid of the Tussar weavers whereby they got clubbed into the “Binjhua Tussar and Handloom Cluster”. The cluster primarily aims to revive the Tussar Handloom business and provide the artisans a sustainable livelihood. The cluster targets to cater to the increasing demand of the Tussar handloom products in domestic as well as international market. It has brought up light in the lives of the rural people by providing employment opportunities where majority of the artisans are women from the minority category.

With usage of modern weaving techniques, Tussar fabrics produced in the cluster turns out to be more textured and attractive.  Currently, there is a huge demand for Tussar yarn in Banaras, Champa and Coir industries. The cluster has tied up with various marketing agencies named Boyanika, Sambalpuri Bastralaya, Serifed and Indian Institute of Handloom Technology for sale of silk products. The products have huge potential to be exported to countries like Europe and Japan.